Duramax 3L, Regen and iDash


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I’m guessing that more than a few of us with Duramax engines also have a Banks iDash; hopefully one of you may be able to answer my questions. I recently installed a Banks iDash just prior to hitting my first regen. Shortly after DPF RG hit 100% REGEN changed from Off to On. After driving around for 10 minutes or so REGEN triggered to off with DPF RG falling to 32%. So far pretty much what I was expecting. As I continued to drive DPF RG continued to fall to 1%. Why would DPF RG continue to fall after the REGEN trigger has reset to off. Does the built-up heat in the exhaust system allow the process to continue or is it just a matter of sensor lag?

On a slightly different note, can someone tell me the difference between DEFVL – DEF Fluid Level and DEF_L - DEF Tank Level