UAW Strike... Again???

More issues between FoMoCo and the UAW:

This is not a good look for either side IMO, get this settled and be done with it. Enough already.

Good Find, just added some more. Unlike the downtown Louisville Assembly (Escape/Corsair), this jewel of a plant is right on the I-265 outer beltway, is in a nice area with plenty of housing and amenities, has a stamping facility and if they overproduce due to low cost at the time, the excess capacity can be stored cheaply a little more than 50 miles north at the dormant Kentucky speedway (as they did in 2021).

Jim Farley needs to have some more of his late cousin's humor (Chris Farley) and stop throwing bombs like this:

If Ford doesn't want it and GM could ever get rid of Scary Mary, it could be a Willow Run redux. My '75 Skylark may have not been built there (Van Nuys), but some M-16A1s I trained on in the Navy were:
Ford has prided itself on the F-Series being built in the USA while some GM & Ram trucks are built in Canada or Mexico. SO, my guess is that Farley is bluffing and Fain and the UAW know it. Farley's angle of making smaller crossover EV's is a joke because we all know that the F-Series is their bread and butter and they use the massive profits from each sale to subsidize the losses on the EV's.

I have been a Ford guy my entire life, rightly or wrongly. Calling Customer Service with a question about a private offer is useless, they can't tell you anything other than to see your dealer, who refers me to Ford Marketing...

Bring back Alan Mullaly....