Hey Jeep! I found your lost 10mm!

And that is why one always buys multiple 10mm sockets.
Ironically thats part of the problem. If tools are easily replaced then very little time or effort is spent finding the missing tool. A 10mm socket laying in the engine bay of a jeep may not lead to bad things.

The same 10mm socket in the high pressure compressor stage of a jet engine is going to end very badly. Tool need to be accounted for before the work begins and again once the work is complete. If we can not find the tool it may be time to start tearing components back down
lol....if I had just a dime for every damn ATAF I conducted..... I still do it when I'm done working on something before I put the tools away.

The joke with 10mm isn't that anyone loses them when working, it's just that when you go to get it two days later, it's never there!!